Pet Doors

Installation of pet doors to either security doors or glass give your furry family member easy and safe access to your home.

Security door pet doors come in three different sizes. Small, medium and large.

Opening sizes in millimeters.

Small 240 high x 190 wide
Medium 305 high x 225 wide
Large 400 high x 260 wide

Glass pet doors come in two different sizes. Small (more for cats) and medium (small to medium dogs)

Opening sizes in millimeters.

Small 170 high x 180 wide
Medium 250 high x 285 wide

With all glass pet doors your existing glass cannot be cut and therefor will be replaced with toughened A-Grade safety glass.

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Small glass pet installed into this family room sliding door

Medium glass pet door.

This small glass pet door installed into this bedroom window which leads out to a large netted enclosure giving these cats plenty of freedom.

Bedroom window with small glass pet door

Large pet door installed into this laundry sliding Alu Gard security door.

Custom position to link up with the timber pet door at the customers request.

Medium white pet door centered in this diamond grille security door.

Large pet inside view. This comes with an additional panel which locks in so you can keep your pet in or out and can be easily removed.

Medium pet door installed into this sliding Invisi Gard security door which requires extra bars for ensure strength.

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