Door Hardware & Extras

This simply shows just some of the products that come standard with some of the doors and some optional extras.

All single lock hinged doors use a Whitco MK2. A Whitco MK3 is used for all triple locks.The Whitco Leichhardt is used on all sliders both single and triple locks. All great quality locks.

Aluminum mesh is standard on all doors and security screens that require mesh. Upgrades include pet mesh and privacy mesh.

Other extras include bug strips, Add-a-Gard, triple locks and of course pet doors. Other items that can be done include window chain winders as well as other catches. Patio bolts, glass sliding door rollers, replacement locks and timber doors stops.

Sometimes your timber door or glass sliding door may require a built out track or frame. Although it’s an extra cost this can be achieved to allow you to still have the security door you want.

Onsite re-meshing can be done on doors and flyscreens without having to replace the product saving you money.

Security door and screen standard colours

  • Primrose
  • Paperbark
  • White Birch
  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Woodland Grey
  • Norte Dame
  • Heritage Green
  • Bronze Anodised
  • Natural Anodised

You can still have your new security door in any colour you like to match in to whatever you’re trying to achieve, this will incur a small powder coating charge.

Whitco MK2. Standard on all single lock hinged doors

Door closer. Standard with all hinged doors.

Whitco MK3. Used on all triple locked hinged doors

Bug Strip installed on most doors as a standard. Can be fitted to both hinged and sliding doors on request.

Add-a-gard. An optional extra giving a bit more security.

Privacy mesh. Comes in various colours.

Aluminum mesh. Standard in all doors and security screens that require a mesh.

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