Diamond Grille & Fly Doors

Diamond grille security doors are made of high quality products which meet the requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard.

These doors are a great way of giving you security while giving you fresh air and keeping the fly’s out without breaking the budget.

Fly doors are made from the same quality security door material just without any grilles. These can be both hinged or sliding allowing the fresh air in and the keeping the bugs out.

Diamond grille hinged in white birch with matching privacy mesh

Diamond grille hinged in brown with paperbark privacy mesh

Diamond grille slider in bronze with pet mesh

Diamond grille slider in woodland grey with aluminium mesh

Diamond grille hinged half panel in paperbark

Sliding fly door in anotec dark grey with pet mesh

Over height sliding fly door in paperbark with pet mesh

Sliding fly door in natural anodised with complete built out track

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